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from Mac Dodson, President
Direct Line: 501-682-3339



I’m now settled in after three weeks on the job. It is already apparent that my predecessor, Rush Deacon, has left me with a smart, dedicated staff. That, of course, makes my job much easier. I give special thanks to Rush for working with me to create a smooth transition. It’s also been a pleasure meeting and working with our board. They, along with our professionals, are an integral part of ADFA’s success.

We are facing many challenges in 2002. As our economy sputters, our programs are needed more than ever. We are constantly stretching our resources while concurrently looking for new and unique opportunities. In fact, one of those new opportunities will be introduced to the state next month in the form of a new venture capital project.

Stepping into this position and seeing the staff, board and professionals work on complex financial transactions reminds me of a story about a famous sculptor who was asked by a gawking admirer, "Is it difficult to sculpt?"

"No," the great man replied. "Not at all. You simply buy a block of marble and chip away what you don’t want."

It is the staff’s job at ADFA to chip away at the complexities of the resources offered here and to make them seem effortless to use in order to give the people of Arkansas the best service and financial products possible.

I am looking forward to working with you, as our State’s representatives, as well as ADFA’s many other constituents. My door is always open, so please feel free to contact me any time you think ADFA can be of assistance.


Board actions
(October/November/December meetings)

ADFA Board of Directors took the following actions during its October, November and December board meetings:

* Rich-N-Tone Calls, Inc. $265,000 -- Stuttgart
* H & O Investments, Inc. $350,000 -- Wynne
* Team Ward, Inc. $1,500,000 -- Monticello
* AEDD/Community Living Inc. $$1,910,000 -- N Little Rock