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Arkansas Development Finance Authority

Records and Databases


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Publications about ADFA

Monthly Public Board Packets

Volume Cap Documents & Forms

External Audit - ADFA Financial Statements

Continuing Disclosure Files

RFP Professionals Statements of Qualifications

SAS 70 Reports for Trustees

USAP Reports for Loan Servicers

APA Policies & Filings

Executive Order 98-04:  Contract/Grant Disclosure Forms

Request for Proposals (open and archived)

RFPs received per deal / service

Freedom of Information

Annual NCSHA Reports / Survey

Cash Flow Analyses for Thomas & Thomas

Correspondence with Partner States in BMIR Program

Original Wastewater Bond Documents (Bound Transcript)

Section 8 / HUD Year End Settlement Reports Approved by HUD

Moody Insurance Reports/Annual Statements

General Electric Insurance Reports / Annual Reports

Annual 1098s

Loan Files (such as Wastewater Loans)

Servicer Reports

Monthly Trust Reports including Transfer Letter

PIF Statement - Request for Release  (ADFA Form # 108 as of May 1985) and its attachments

Bond Call Certificates

SFH, MFH, Etc. Bond Documents (Bound Transcript)

Arbitrage Certification Workpapers

Annual Calendar Year Bond Chronology

HUD Vouchers

Active HOME Project File Documents

Rejected HOME Applications

Closed HOME Project Files

Housing Review Committee Packet

Housing Review Committee Minutes

Annual Owner's Certification

Approved MF Tax Exempt Projects (Bond Transcript)

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project Files

Rejected LIHTC Applications

Rejected MF Tax Exempt Applications

IRS Form 8609

MRB Loan Assumption File Documents

Paid-in-Full Loan Documents

MRB Loan Files with Exhibits

Bond Documents for each Development Finance pooling (Bound Transcripts)

Bond Documents for Conduit Projects (if applicable)  (Bound Transcripts)

Bond Documents for Governmental Financing Bond Issues (Bound Transcripts)



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