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Contact:  Vice President Development Finance, Gene Eagle – 501-682-5905
                Communications Manager, Derrick Rose – 501-682-5904

National Venture Capital Event Coming
to Little Rock, AR, in 2007

Rogers – Nov. 15, 2006 -- The 2007 National Association of Seed and Venture Capital Funds (NASVF) Conference is officially scheduled to take place at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, AR, September 17-19, 2007.  Expected to attend will be a premier network of private, public and non-profit organizations committed to investment in local entrepreneurs.

"NASVF has selected Arkansas as the site for our 2007 conference because Arkansas is tackling the great challenge to develop a new economy from a traditional one, the same challenge many of our members face in their regions," said Sue Strommer, NASVF President and CEO.  

"This is an opportunity for Arkansas to showcase the state, and to learn national best practices to develop the economy through smart innovation capital investment in new companies", said Gene Eagle, vice president of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority.

Approximately 300 of the top national and international investment and technology-based economic development leaders; representatives from venture capital and seed funds; technology commercialization organizations; and legal and financial firms, among others, are expected to attend.

Not only will conference attendees have the opportunity to hear industry leaders discuss a broad range of venture capital topics there will be unique opportunities to network with other “innovation capital” leaders, exchange best practices, and potentially grow the pool of smart innovation capital that is available to entrepreneurs. 

The 2007 NASVF Conference is being hosted by ADFA.  Sponsors of the event include: Arkansas Department of Economic Development, Arkansas Science and Technology Authority and the Arkansas Capital Corporation.

The National Association of Seed and Venture Capital Funds in an organization of private, public and nonprofit organizations committed to building their local economies by investing and facilitating investment in local entrepreneurs.  The primary focus of NASVF is on innovation capital – funding, knowledge, relationships and influence needed to develop and commercialize innovative technologies and ventures.


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