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AACD's mission is to efficiently promote and oversee fair, equitable and uniform property tax treatment for all taxpayers, local government officials, and school districts within and across all seventy-five Arkansas counties.

The Assessment Coordination Department (ACD) is granted full power and authority in the administration of the tax laws of Arkansas to exercise general and complete supervision over: the valuation, assessment and equalization of all property for ad valorem tax purposes, (except utility property); the collection of those taxes and the assessors, equalization boards, tax collectors and other officers charged with those duties in all seventy-five counties, to insure that all assessments on property in Arkansas shall be in relative proportion to the just and true value thereof, in substantial compliance with the law. In the exercise of its powers, the Department is directed to confer with, advise, and direct the foregoing entities with respect to their duties. While property taxes are locally assessed, administered, collected and dispensed by each county, the equity of the assessments within the county and between counties is of state-wide importance.

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